We all want to be Someone Special, just more than 'Ordinary'. Be it a Doctor, Engineer, Astronaut or any awesome role you dream. Infinity Assessment is copyrights reserved Intelligent Assessments that help you rate your knowledge and basic attribute required for a particular profession. We have created master assessments for a wide range of desired careers for you. Assessments are baseline indicators to motivate students to think of and pursue challenging professions an an early young age. Assessments are for ages 8yrs to 18yrs. Infinity Assessments are not predictions or DO NOT label anyone as capable or incapable, it simply gives a reflection on the basis of your current understanding of a subject and motivates students to do more, learn more to achieve the Dream

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These are our flagship copyrights reserved Nationwide Objective type exams in Math and Science like Olympiads. Natscore Assessments are Grade wise exams for students from any International boards/CBSE/ICSE/State Boards in India.

Students get their Marks and Score based on average marks in the exam for that grade nationwide. This is very important as it gives a clarity on how a student is doing in the subject compared to National averages


IGA Career Assessments are  largest self assessment tests to understand a students preparedness and awareness about a career he/she wants to pursue. Test report generates a score and also suggests how a student can gain knowledge of the subject

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