BSRC is an initiative

to promote voluntary

Fair Trade Practices and Professional Service Standards

Certificate of Compliance

Bureau of Standards, Ratings and Certifications (BSRC) Certifications is the global initiative of Yorcle Inc. to promote Fair Trade Practices and Professional conduct with Self Regulation and Quality/Process Audit

BSRC Quality Standards Score is a Audit based Certification program for Service Industry and Education sector. Application is to be made by Company/Organisation/Institution and a through inspection, survey, analysis is done to ascertain quality standards and a BSRC QCS Certificate is issued. Process takes about 15 days after required information and documents are furnished by applicant.
Fees: INR 3000- 10000 per unit of operation depending on nature and scope of Institution.

BSRC Certificate of Best Practices Award is a symbol of commitment to high Business and Service Standards by individuals, professionals and organizations. BSRC BPA Certificate is issued upon acceptance of the pledge based SOPs as constituted by the BSRC  and scrutiny wherever required. BSRC BPA Certificates are a display of good conduct and fair practices by the holder and shall always be observed. BSRC BPA Certificates are not character certificates or guarantees of any kind but a self commitment and responsibility to discharge professional duties with integrity by following standards mentioned in application. BSRC BPA Certificates are valid for one year and not auto renewed. Person/organization may apply for any and more than one BSRC BPA Certificate relevant to their profession and business undertaking.

Individual application is by simply acceptance of Code of Conduct for each type of certification.
Corporate/Schools/Institutions Certification is subject to scrutiny, verification and requirement of supporting documents which are communicated during the application.  

For Individuals
Duration: 1 week from Application and receipt of document copies required
Fee: INR 1000

For Organization
Duration: 2 week from Application and receipt of document copies required
Fee: INR 2500

How to get BSRC Certification?
Select the Title of certificate you want from below available programs
Apply and Pay fees as instructed 
During application you will see Terms of Certificate and you confirm to having accepted by applying and paying the Fees.
Certificate is valid for 12 months from Issue date.

Select& Apply